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Logo Design Process

Logos are not only just images; it represents your company or organization. It communicates with your customers on behalf your brand. So that’s why we do care more about your logo designing project.

We have professionals to design logos and they love to accept new complex challenges.

How do we capture a company’s mission and personality into a single image? How do we use fonts, colours, and design for the logos based on your requirements? Just read on to get to know that.

We follow a seven-step strategy for logo designing. Here’s how,

Collecting Your Thoughts

First, we understand your complete business, industry, and products or services. Then we ask questionnaires to know more about the kind of logos references, fonts, images, and any specifications.


We analyse and define what you are trying to represent. Based on that, we develop a list of attributes and characteristics that best represent your goals. We study the various colours, fonts and design themes used for the industry.


This is an important phase in logo designing process. After analysing your complete requirements, we put our ideas and thoughts on paper. This allows us to boost the creative process and helps us to create unique logo design concepts.

Digitalizing the Design

Once we are done with the sketching part, we are now ready to take those drawings to the computer for the design.

We use latest designing software such as Adobe Illustrator to design the logos. We create multiple variations of the logo design and experiment with various colours, fonts, ideas, and angels keeping in mind your business theme.


We will give 4 to 5 best design concepts to you for reviewing so that you will have ample choice. The great logo design needs to satisfy some rules to make it effective such as Simplicity, Memorability, Eternity, Adaptability, and Suitability.

Getting Feedback

Based on your feedback we will take notes from your perspective. We learn from your feedback this gives us to better understanding of what you are exactly looking in the logo design.

We keep submitting the changes and edits until you fully satisfied. We will not go for the final design until you approve it.

Finalizing the Design

Then, it’s ready!!. We finalize the design and provide the required files.

Woohoo!! Then you can start using your new logo on everything!