App Development Process

App development process is inline with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and it break down into six phases: Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Release, and Maintenance.


We analyse each requirement of the App carefully and define the scope for the project. We create the strategy based on the project requirements and will crate a roadmap of the complete process that will take to achieve your goals.

When starting a project, our technical team connect with you and ask many questions about it like for example,

"Is the purpose of the app to build revenue for your company through mobile sales? Will it drive traffic to your company’s web site or physical location for retail sales by increasing brand awareness? Is it to serve as the beginning, middle or conclusion of a series of apps? Does the app exist to provide customer service to an existing base of users for your organization’s products or services?"

Platform related questions

"smartphone or tablet dominant; iOS or Android-centric; and single-platform or cross-platform development?"

So that we can implement the best features and functions for the app.


The design must be done focusing on branding, enhancing user experience, lead generation, and sales. After establishing the strategy flow of the app, asking questions, and gathering requirements then we allocate resources for the project.


This phase starts when the application design and flow is reviewed and finalised. It consists of three parts:

  • UI design
  • Web Services and Database
  • Integration


All components, design and functionality should be tested.


The App will be released once we done with thoroughly testing.


Getting the feedback is the next stage after the release. We roll out new app features and refinements through small updates.